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One of my favorite jams is The Whispers “Keep On Loving Me.” The track is smooth and just all around great. When I found out that James Rod did a Balearic version of the track, I was a bit skeptical on how it was going to turn out. (I’m still trying to get an ear for Balearic jams.) The first two and a half minutes starts off like a pretty standard edit. After that, magic begins to happen. James Rod just flips this jam around adding some driving synths, swells, and other elements that would have had my head turning back if I was on the dance floor. I know that’s a little ambiguous if you don’t know me. But trust me, this rework is totally worth you checking out and investing seven minutes of your life to hear all the way through. No word yet if this is going to be released yet. Stay tuned though!


Listen to The Whispers – Keep On Loving Me (James Rod Balearic Edit) on SoundCloud.

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