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Before this site begins to attract too many readers and before the episodes of The Adventures of Commander Cool Hand begin to attract too many listeners, I wanted to give a little credit where it’s due. I want to take a little bit of time to give acknowledgement to futurist artist Kilian Eng.

Kilian Eng-001

By Kilian Eng

When the time came to upload and archive the Adventures of Commander a Cool Hand radio show, I wanted to have some 80’s inspired futuristic imagery for the the mp3 covers. I threw the phrase “retro futurism” into Google and within seconds I saw artwork that would be perfect for the covers! The more I browsed through Google’s image search, the more I kept seeing the name, Kilian Eng get thrown around. I decided to hone my search down by just searching his name.

The more I looked at Eng’s illustrations, the more I was filled with a sense of awe, wonder, and a sense of nostalgia. The awe came from these beautifully surreal and vibrant alien landscapes. If the SSV Spelljammer was a real intergalactic starship that could travel to remote locations across the universe, these places, were the places that I would want to end up. These alien worlds are what planet Earth would want to see.

Kilian Eng-Deloreon

Kilian Eng – Deloreon

The wonderment of some of these images come from the seemingly unlimited expanse of the universe that they depict. One of the best descriptions of his artwork was during an interview with Chris Jalufka for EvilTender.

The visions created by graphic artist Kilian Eng inhabit an organic landscape grown of blinking lights. Structures of beautiful mechanics. Eng’s drawings show the artist as architect. As the omniscient voice controlling a self-created world.

Each piece of artwork brings back a feeling of nostalgic happiness. For me, his work brings me back to the neon infused 80’s. I feel like I’m a kid again with a bowl of Trix or Nintendo Cereal and I’m about to watch an episode of Silverhawks, Starcom, or Transformers. What imagery am I going to be blown away by when I thumb through his tumblr page? This was definitely the stuff I wanted for the radio archive file.

Kilian Eng - Black Hole

Kilian Eng – The Black Hole

I doubt very seriously that Kilian Eng has heard that I DJ and that I’m interested in his work. (Let alone even have the money to commission a legit series of album covers for the Adventures of Commander Cool Hand audio archives.) So, if worse comes to worse and he says that I can’t use his artwork, then of course I’ll have to take it down. In the mean time, I hope you all enjoy his retro-futuristic outlook.

Kilian Eng Info:
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Kilian Eng on Vimeo

Kilian Eng - Argo

Kilian Eng – Argo

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