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It’s been a minute since I did an album review. I figured that because I have a day off might as well catch up with some posts on the site.

Gap Band’s “VII” came back into my rotation because site favorite, KS French edited “Bumpin’ Gum People” on one of his latest collaboration releases “Brooklyn Finest Edits” that was released on French Kiss Records in the middle of this month. I heard the track and I knew I heard it before and I recognized Charlie Wilson’s vocals, but I couldn’t place my finger on the track. So, I dug through some boxes and pulled out my Gap Band albums and began to listen.

VII” comes at a pivotal point in the whole 80’s funk, soul, disco era. Groups were starting to experiment a lot with new technology, disco was being pushed underground, R&B was starting to become more mainstream, and rap was really starting to get noticed. This album really shows that The Gap Band was really ready to move on to some new sounds. If you listen to the album from beginning to end, you would swear that you listened to a compilation album because there are so many different styles of music on this release. The opening track, “Desire” definitely sounds like a Gap staple where as catchy tunes, “Automatic Brain” and “Ooh, What A Feeling” sound like mid 80’s funk at the time and showcase the band staying relevant to the times. Then we get to my favorite track of the album, “Bumpin’ Gum People.” This track is just a great example of just dirty, scrunched-up face funk that you can bump in your low-rider! If you weren’t familiar with the band’s work, you’d swear that this was done by a group like Parliament. The track doesn’t really contain any singing, there are some skat versus and some excellent one liners that would be excellent for a DJ to sample. “Don’t you dare talk back to me boy!” “One thing I can’t stand is standing toe-to-toe with someone with no teeth!” and my personal favorite,”Even E.T. bumped his way home.” I’ll repeat it again: “This is just some dirty funk! And you can’t deny the keys! I’m very surprised that this hasn’t been sampled more in rap music.


Gap Band-VII

Label: Total Experience Records ‎– FL85714
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Europe
Released: 1985
Genre: Electronic
Style: Electro, Disco

A1. Desire
A2. Going In Circles
A3. Automatic Brain
A4. L’il Red Funkin’ Hood
B1. Ooh, What A Feeling
B2. I Want A Real Love
B3. Bumpin’ Gum People
B4. I Know We’ll Make It
B5. I Need Your Love

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The Gap Band – VII (1985)

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