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During one of my recent twitter comment sessions, I noticed that Mr. Greg Broussard, aka The Egyptian Lover has released some rare demos and instrumentals from his back catalog! I’m a big Egyptian Lover fan and I immediately had to check out the releases. I’ve got to tell you, these will not disappoint! I went straight for the unreleased instrumental of “Computer Power” and wondered if it would ever be pressed on wax? Would that track be something I’d stumble upon digging through crates in some remote back alley record store or second-hand store? Probably not, but damn, that would make my week.

All of the tracks are what you’d come to expect from an honorary member of DJ of Uncle Jamm’s Army and an early pioneer of the Los Angeles electro scene. Tons of 808. Tons of booming bass. Tons of breakdowns. The demo of “Here We Go Now” had me jumping all over the room, cranking my studio subs. It was perfect to jam out to. I could go on and on, but chances are you are probably already hitting the jump to The Egyptian Lover’s Bandcamp page.

The full album contains 26 rare jams and will set you back $50. However, you can purchase individual tracks for $2 each on the site.

If you dig rare cuts, then you will want this in your collection!


Listen and purchase The Egyptian Lover – Instrumentals and Demos from Bandcamp.

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