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  So buried at the bottom of that box of vinyl I was referring to, I found Mazarati’s single to “Players’ Ball.” This wasn’t a hit track off their self-titled album. However, to me, it’s a pretty good track. The opening is rather catchy and fun. Too me, it vibes on[…]

A Paradise Garage staple! This song sounds completely different at the break. But you really should listen to the whole thing. If you’ve listened to the Adventures of Commander Cool Hand, you would have heard the Linosaur rework of this on Episode 3 – Jump to Jupiter.   Label: Biljuma Records ‎–[…]

The good folks at Cultures of Soul have been digging! Recently they released a compilation of Caribbean disco and funk that is chock full of grooves that provide the perfect soundtrack that will compliment any summer day. The unearthed gems in this compilation are sure to get the dance floor simmering![…]