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My mom is a pretty cool person! She has given birth to the coolest person in my life, me. She also has this uncanny ability to still remember all the stupid, little things that I love. One of those things that I’m a sucker for is the decade of the 80’s.[…]

Just when you thought the internet was getting played out and boring! Mylo the Cat brings the world something I think all Beastie Boy fans and the Beastie Boys could appreciate. (RIP MCA!) This video (I hope there is more to come!) takes the muppets the insane Swedish Chef, the crazed drummer[…]

Cinefix sometimes just does it right! I was unaware of this but Cinefix has started doing short videos of 8-bit versions of some favorite films. To give you a small taste, the films include Donnie Darko, Forrest Gump, The Hobbit, Fight Club, Anchorman, and Clockwork Orange. Yesterday they released a video[…]

I’ve never been a fan of Jimmy Fallon. (Even when he was on the cast of Saturday Night Live.) However, when I find something funny. It’s funny regardless who does it. Jimmy Fallon and his crew have done another awesome video edit of Brian Williams. This time, he’s flowing to Sir[…]