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*** NOTE: WE ARE NOW OFFERING FREE BEER & WINE TO ALL GUESTS, WHILE SUPPLIES LAST *** We’re throwing a party to celebrate the launch of our new radio station,The FIX (, and mobile app. Saturday May 3 8pm to LATE Tivoli Charleston art collective (656 King Street, upper King downtown, across from[…]

Captain’s Log, stardate: 91916.6 The SSV SpellJammer has sustained some major damage to the hull and thrusters traveling through the asteroid belt separating the inner and outer planets of the Solar System. I’m waiting for the intergalactic tow trucks to come pull the starship from this rocky resting place. David Bowie’s “Space[…]

Captain’s Log, stardate: 91897.45 The terrestrial rover was damaged during the extraction at the dust off zone on Mars. The instruments and interstellar transmitter were knocked offline by the low end frequencies we discovered while exploring the red planet. Unfortunately, the transmission to Earth will forever be lost. The SSV Spelljammer[…]