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  One thing that I really, really, really, wish is that I had the opportunity to experience the Paradise Garage in the late 70’s through the 80’s. From all that I’ve read, all the pictures I’ve seen, all the people that were interviewed that attended, and the music played by Larry[…]

What Is The Paradise Garage? from gogoPatience c+p on Vimeo. This video is just amazing! The Paradise Garage was around before I was born so there was no way possible I could have experienced it first hand. I would love to have. I hear stories like the ones in the video[…]

I saw this yesterday and thought it was a great idea! If you don’t know Larry Levan pretty much put King Street in New York City on the map during his time at the Paradise Garage. Larry Levan is such a huge influence on all modern dance music and club culture[…]

A Paradise Garage staple! This song sounds completely different at the break. But you really should listen to the whole thing. If you’ve listened to the Adventures of Commander Cool Hand, you would have heard the Linosaur rework of this on Episode 3 – Jump to Jupiter.   Label: Biljuma Records ‎–[…]