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I’m posting this up via the Live 5 News site. I know I’d be pretty devastated if somehow I were to lose or misplace a turntable after a gig. I hope whoever this belongs to, they are able to reclaim it and go back listening to their vinyl.

Here’s the information from the Live 5 News website:

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) –Officials with the Charleston police are asking for the public’s help in finding the owner of a DJ turntable that was found last week. 

Last Wednesday night, a police officer was called to Smith Street for a suspicious package. When the officer arrived on scene, he was told that the package, a black suitcase, was located next to 132 Smith Street and had not been moved since 8 a.m. 

When the officer opened the suitcase he found a turntable. 

The officer reported that he searched for signs of forced entry into the surrounding apartments and cars in the area, but found no forced entry. Authorities say they also attempted to make contact with residents, but no owner was found. 

Police say the turntable can be claimed with the proper paperwork from the Evidence Unit at the Charleston Police Department at 180 Lockwood Boulevard. 

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If you have any information or this is yours, I guess you best head over to 180 Lockwood and get your turns.

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