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My mom is a pretty cool person! She has given birth to the coolest person in my life, me. She also has this uncanny ability to still remember all the stupid, little things that I love. One of those things that I’m a sucker for is the decade of the 80’s. The other is martial arts. My mother combined those two together to found a rap video from 1986 that I have never seen before! This video is actually legit! It was supposed to be handed off to MTV but the channel balked out on the deal because rap was “too new” and didn’t want it on the channel yet. I can’t seem to find an actual pressing of any sorts, so this video is the only thing we’ve got. (How awesome would that be to find this pressed up on wax?) The lyrics are corny as hell but they are still hundreds of times better than the crap that is masquerading itself as rap. Anyway, enjoy the awesomely bad Karate Rap. Thanks again mom for sending me this!

Watch Samurai Studios Inc. – The Karate Rap on YouTube

Horse stance your way to Samurai Studios Inc. to get more info on the Karate Rap.

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  1. Holly Whitstock Seeger - October 29, 2014 11:06 pm

    Hey Cool Hand J,
    Thank you for your lovely comments about our video. And we are thrilled you like the words! And your mom sounds very cool. Wishing you much success with your blog. You might also like our feature, Sister Sensei on Vimeo. Check it out. Your mom might like it, too!
    Holly Whitstock Seeger


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