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Spanish producer Rayko has always always toted himself as a throwback from the 70’s and 80’s disco era. His remixes and edits thoroughly span those decades. His extensive collection of  created edits seem to touch just about every track that came out at that time. When I heard that Rayko was releasing a ten song album on the legendary Nang label, I was filled with anticipation as to what this master remixer was going to wow the world with.

The first listening brought me back to my first hearing of Metallica’s Load in 1996. I’m not saying that musically or sounds like Load in any sense. It caught me off guard. The album shocked me. Should I be upset that Rayko strung me along all these years only to create an album that was so totally different than what I’ve grown to appreciate? This had to have been thought up by some corporate executive. Did Rayko finally need to make a crossover album for the masses? And just like Load in ’96, I refused that Metallica created that album. Just like after the first listening, I refused to believe that Rayko created Rebirth.

I struggled a bit to figure out what I was really hearing throughout the album. I was hearing familiar disco synths with some acidy house flavor. Being confused by this a bit, I finally came to the understanding that like Metallica did in ’96, Rayko was doing today. He’s experimenting with his sound and expanding his musical reach. However, he’s experimenting with a 90’s flavored house that I really didn’t get into at the time. (I was a young teenager at the time, so I was listening to old school funk, soul, Wu-Tang, and the Misfits. Good God, I listened to some Misfits!) This is why the album confused me at first listen.

You are probably thinking, “Get to the point! Is this album worth my time and money?” I’d respond, “Well, it’s a matter of taste, really.” Musically this album is great! It’s not overly produced and the tracks are all straight forward house tracks. Is this something that I feel connected to as a DJ and will drop in my sets when I’m playing live? No, probably not. Is it something good to listen to? Yes, it is but there is nothing compelling about the album that’s going to make me want to listen to it again and again. I mean, if I hit shuffle on my iPhone and a track comes on. I’ll listen to it. Rayko really is using a smaller palette of sounds for this album and it definitely doesn’t feel like his normal work. If you don’t have a taste or ear for this type of acidy house or simple synth landscapes, then you might want to stick with Rayko’s other works. However, if you have a special connection to mid-90’s house music then this is a great album for you and totally worth the small investment into it.


rayko - rebirth

Rayko – Rebirth
Label: Nang
Catalog: Nang 120
Released: May 12th, 2014


  1. Balearic (Intro)
  2. The Cave
  3. Time & Space (Cosmic Club Version)
  4. Nightology (Vocal Version)
  5. Rusos Theme (Vocal Version)
  6. Rebirth
  7. He Came From Space
  8. Dreamer
  9. Warhammer
  10. Goodbye Baby

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