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One thing that I really enjoy about 90’s rap is that it’s so good and meaningful to people even after a couple of decades from when it was released. Rhythm Scholar takes one of the quintessential 90’s jams and just totally flips it. Gone is the highly recognizable sample from Tom Scott’s 1967 song “Today” (Still blows my mind how Pete Rock listened to that track and was able to pick out one of the most recognizable samples in rap from it.) but the life and vibe of the original are still there. I have easily heard this song a thousand times in my life and the original never got old. Scholar’s remix just added a new breath of life into it. I highly recommend you picking up this remix not only for your own sets but just to enjoy on your own. Get it for free from SoundCloud.


Download Pete Rock & CL Smooth – They Reminisce Over You (Rhythm Scholar Remix) on SoundCloud.
Remix Instrumental also available!
Grab BOTH versions in one convenient ZIP file here:


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