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I was already on the subject of memorializing people who have been important to the music community. (Check out my post on co-naming King Street to Larry Levan Way.) I ran across this group on Facebook where they want to have a memorial for Donna Summer. And rightfully so! Donna Summer was born and raised in Boston, and went on to win 5-Grammys, and sold over 130 million albums world wide. This puts her up there with being one of the highest selling artists of all time. So I can definitely see where Bostonians would want to honor someone this influential and well admired in her home town. I wish there was more information on this. However, the only thing I could find was an active Facebook group that was last updated on August 21st and a twitter page that the last tweet was also on August 21st. I’m not sure if this is still going on or the efforts are gone and over. Anyway, here’s the lowdown:

The page represents and effort to have the City of Boston officially recognize the truly international star power of Donna Summer, who was born and raised in Dorchester, Roxbury and Greater Boston, MA. Ms. Summer deserves a memorial as graceful, energetic and special as she was. By liking and sharing this page, you are supporting and endorsing this effort. If you feel you can help further by participating in this effort, email

Thank you!


***UPDATE*** After a few moments that I upped this post the folks over at the Donna Summer Memorial contacted me via Twitter and informed me that every thing is still rolling along with the memorial and that this is still very much alive and going! If this is something that you can help out with or are interested in learning more, then by all means get in touch with them.

More Info:
Donna Summer Memorial – Facebook Group
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