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For those of you who have been missing out on PartyDad‘s Record Time at the local Charleston institution, Upper Deck Tavern, shame on you! It’s a hell of a good time and you get a chance to hear vinyl spun from DJs, folks who aspire to be DJs, and from just good people wanting to hear good classic vinyl. There’s no format to the event. Just get in contact with PartyDad and get on the roster. It’s really a great time. In fact, I’ve even played a night and hope to be back in the near future. He’s got his whole roster booked up through August so pick a date and come out to enjoy some great tunes!

 Alright folks, here’s the Record Time schedule through the end of August:

  • 7/31: DJ Skrap – Veteran Holy City DJ, Skrap got his start as a teenage break dancer in the 80s before moving behind the turntables. Expect plenty of classic hip hop mixed by a dude who was there when it was fresh!
  • 8/7: Rob Kampert aka Rob The Throb – Frontman of The Frizz and The Lean Few, Rob knows his garage rock, and quite a few other genres, too!
  • 8/14: Amanda Downey – “…Presents Her Mother’s Records” Expect fun and mischievous selections from the fun and mischievous voice of Guam and Thousands Of Kittens!
  • 8/21: Rowland Van Winkle-Rice – Patrons of Faculty Lounge (RIP) will know to expect the best kind of bad-trip fuzz-rock from a dude who named his band Bath Salts
  • 8/28: Jeff Turner aka JeffET – You’ve heard him play, but have you heard him play VINYL?? Jeff leaves his laptop at home and shows us what kind of goodies he’s got stashed in his record collection!

For more info follow PartyDad’s show “Land of the Good Groove” on Facebook

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