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I know the day has just started, but I think we have an internet winner for today. There was a time in the 80’s where commercials were these epic, over produced, and story line scripted 1 minute plus movies! Yes, commercials of today don’t hold up against those commercials of old. They definitely don’t hold up against this Pepsi masterpiece of 1984. In this commercial we have a young Alfonso Ribeiro dressed as Michael Jackson in “Thriller” with his neighborhood friends in the streets. Because this was the 80’s and that’s what children did in those days. One of Carlton‘s friends hands him a Pepsi and he begins to bust a pretty sweet moonwalk right into the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson, and the rest of The Jacksons. A dance off ensues because the 80’s were never complete without two mega stars dancing in the streets. Take a look at this epic commercial below.

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