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It looks like the infamous duo is back at it again! However, with a different turn. It seems that team of Method Man and Redman are taking a different route of that closely resembles something that came out of the Jungle Brothers playbook. (see Jungle Brothers – “I’ll House You)

The track is “I Used To Be.” And is actually a pretty catchy, house vibey, track. I was actually surprised to hear that it in fact does contain samples! You’ll hear Aretha Franklin’s “One Step Ahead” carrying the melody and the most memorable verse from the track for the chorus. The last time I heard this sample used in a bangin’ way was Mos Def’s “Ms. Fat Booty.”

This sort of rap and house combinations are starting to become more and more popular lately. R. Kelly is announcing a house album and Diddy had a track that was produced by Guy Gerber (even though the track did kind of suck.) It’ll be interesting to see how the crowds take to this track. I mean, I’ll play this jam. It’s damn good!

Watch the video for it below.


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