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It’s that time of year to bring back the summer boogie! What better way to start the seasonal fade from Spring to Summer than a boogie funk track that commemorates the hot fun of the city? There really is nothing better!

Big Jacks has always been one of my favorite remixers/editors. His twists on tracks are always on point and never detract from the feel of the original. Most of the time, he gives them an added push for the dance floor. However, he’s consistent on giving a slow grooving taste that always goes down smooth. Anyway, you could imagine to my delight when my SoundCloud stream showed that he decided to edit Liberty Silver’s “Hot Fun in the City.” This track was released in 1985 on the Shelsa Records label and the only thing that I know of the label is that they produced only two 7″ singles of Liberty Silver. It’s a pretty obscure track on a pretty obscure Canadian label.

Big Jacks just takes it easy and edits the intro to allow easy mixing into the track. There really wasn’t a need to do much more to this rare heat rock. The groove and chunky bass line do an incredible job carrying this track. If by chance the crowd doesn’t feel this jam then you have the option to mix out of it right around the 2:00 mark. Then again, if the crowd doesn’t feel this jam, then you’re playing to a bunch of zombies. And no not the funky dancing with MJ kind either.


Download: Liberty Silver – Hot Fun In The City (Big Jacks’ Discotechnology Edit) via SoundCloud

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