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I listen to a hell of a lot of music in any given week. I listen to a ton of funk, soul, and disco to throw on for my weekly radio show. I listen to a ton of tracks that I’ll use for upcoming shows. I cut a lot of music that I won’t play on the radio show or out and about. I make frequent trips to local thrift stores to dig for records and then go home and listen to what I find. I jam out to playlists that I create for my rides to and from work. So out of all this structure, what’s a DJ do to shake up his listening experience with something completely random and mind blowing at the same time? I’ve tried to use Spotify but like iTunes, I have to build playlists and even the auto functions aren’t random enough. (It also doesn’t work with ScratchLive like iTunes does.). Pandora has really started to suck lately. Every time you skip a song you get some 1-minute long commercial about some crap you’ll never buy or pay attention to. Also, creating a station just doesn’t have the same randomness. A recent example of this is I created a Misfits station just to jam out to in preparation of my Misfits tribute show. Within an hour and a half it became the Agent Orange channel. The station played a total of three Misfits songs, one Clash, two Danzig, and the rest were Agent Orange. I have no problem with Agent Orange, but I was hoping it would play more Misfits. Oh! And it played the same Agent Orange track four times during that listening session. I know every track in my iTunes playlists because, I placed them there, but it’s not really “random.”

A lot of times, I just want to chill and veg and listen to music. However, I just haven’t been able to find something that was completely left field and had music that I would actually enjoy. Then one evening on the drive back home, I started the Fix.FM app and tuned into the radio show that comes on after my show, on Thursdays. The show is called “The Noise The Show.” I mean the guys seemed cool enough and I want to make sure that I support any sister show on the The Fix.

The first thing I thought, “What the hell am I listening to?”

Then I let Brian Damaj, and Justin Golightly just take me on whatever journey they wanted me to hear.

Everything started to make sense. The show made sense on a different level. While listening to one track to another with the antics of The Noise gang and their guests, the show makes little to no sense. But taking it as a whole show, everything that was played, and said, acted, all made one cohesive two hour block. The best way I can categorize what I was listening to is, try to imagine if Dr. Demento, Frank Zappa, Tim and Eric, all had a show that was operating on Andy Kaufman levels of genius. This is what this show is. This seems to be the only way that I can explain it. Each show seems to have a cohesion to it and a general theme to it. With each theme, the music and voice acting all seem to go with it. For example, there is an episode called “We Put the Par in Party” that starts off as a couple of dude who want to throw a party. They decide that it’s best to invite everyone in the world to it. Each person of the show begins voicing different guests at the party until it’s a real party. Complete with jams to go with it. Another episode titled, “S#!t S#ow” is two hours about real, legit songs about taking a dump. (Believe it or not there is actually enough composed music to form a 2-hour cohesive show about bowel movements.)

I’ve only been through a partial bit of their almost 100 hours of episodes on The Noise The Show’s SoundCloud page, but so far it’s been totally worth my time. You all need to get on this level.


Check The Noise The Show every Thursday from 10pm – Midnight on (Right after my show)

Listen to archived episodes of The Noise The Show on SoundCloud.

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