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Valentine’s Day is coming up this week and I put together a little mix to get everyone in the mood. If you can’t recall I actually did a practice run of this mix on my show that’s on a few months back. (Roughly about 100 days ago.) In between that time, I tightened the mix up, changed a few of the songs and compressed the whole thing into just little over an hour. I also found some old Love Connection episodes that fit really well in the beginning along with a smooth Barry White interview. I’m also using this mix to promote my next upcoming show at The Faculty Lounge.

Overall, it’s definitely a smooth mix that gets to a bit of a rump shaking tempo about halfway and just keeps building from there.



Intimate Connections vol. 1
Mixed By: Cool Hand J


  1. Juicy – Sugar Free
  2. Loose Ends – Hanging On A String
  3. George Benson – Shiver
  4. Fingerman – Tell Me
  5. Loose Ends – Slow Down
  6. Kleeer – Intimate Connection
  7. Kleeer – Tonight
  8. Loose Ends – Gonna Make You Mine
  9. 80’s Child – Closer 2 Your Luv
  10. Casual Connection – Love Like This
  11. Alexander O’Neal – The Lovers
  12. Mastercue – Good Girl
  13. Howard Johnson – Keepin’ Love New
  14. Lowrell Simon – Love Massage
  15. Barry White – I Wanna Lay Down With You Baby
  16. Jay Ru – Another Night
  17. Mr. Absolutt – Touchdown
  18. Mr. Absolutt – I Get Romantic
  19. TV – Love Situation
  20. Ash Reynolds – Thing For You
  21. B-Jam – Yes It Is
  22. The Whispers – Keep On Lovin’ Me
  23. The Whispers – Rock Steady
  24. Change – You Are My Melody
  25. Leon Ware – Inside Your Love

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