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Dear Mama (A Hip-Hop Tribute to Mothers) by Paul De Loecker on Mixcloud

This is one of the many reasons why I love Mixcloud. You just get good mixtapes from time to time. This mix was in my stream and of course being Mother’s Day, I had to listen to it. Paul de Loecker doesn’t disappoint in his selection. All classic rap jams and in between the tracks, he adds interviews of rappers talking about why their mothers are important. Simple, easy and reminds me of the way mixtapes used to be. This is a great listen to just chill and reflect on why your mother is important to you. If your mom is cool, you can even chill with her listening to Paul de Loecker’s handiwork.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the baby’s mamas and to all the baby’s mama’s mamas!!!


Dear Mama (A Hip-Hop Tribute to Mothers) by Paul de Loecker Track List:

  1. Sammy Fain/Kathryn Beaumont – Your mother and mine (Peter Pan OST)
  2. 2Pac – Dear Mama
  3. 2Pac – Interview (excerpt from “The lost prison tapes”)
  4. Neek The Exotic (feat. Jasmine Lowther) – Letter to Ma
  5. Charlie Rose & Jay-Z – Interview at Brooklyn Museum
  6. Jay-Z – December 4th (Sourface remix)
  7. Angela Bassett (as Reva Styles) – Scene from the movie “Boyz n the Hood” by John Singleton
  8. Atmosphere – Mother’s Day
  9. Ghostface Killah (feat. Mary J Blige & Popa Wu) – All That I Got Is You
  10. Delroy Lindo (as Woody Carmichael) – Scene from the movie “Crooklyn” by Spike Lee
  11. Tragedy Khadafi – The Wait (a.k.a. Permanently Scarred)
  12. Mc – U Let Me Grow
  13. Mr. T – Treat Your Mother Right (video intro)
  14. Obie Trice – Don’t Come Down (Nemisis remix)
  15. Obie Trice & Sway – Interview (from “Sway in the morning”)
  16. RZA – Interview (by Ebro & Peter Rosenberg from HOT97)
  17. Wu Syndicate – Where Was Heaven
  18. Nas – Interview (by VH1)
  19. Nas – Fetus

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