The Captain and Commander Get “Turnip’d For What!” Record Time At Upper Deck


Location:The Upper Deck, Charleston

Venue:The Captain and Commander Get "Turnip'd For What!"

 Turnips For What?

PartyDad is having an all vinyl throw down and wants you to come. He has also been generous to invite others to throw down vinyl with him as well. Of course you can bring your own vinyl too!  In fact, it’s encouraged. It’ll be a potluck of beats! On the guest list for the evening is wax connoisseur Cool Hand J. Both the Captain and the Commander will bring the main course, turnips. “Turnips for what?” You might exclaim like the rappers do in today’s music. But that’s what we’re going to do! Get “Turnip’d for what!”

First course starts at 9PM! Bring your vinyl!

Upper Deck Tavern
353 King Street
Charleston, SC 29401