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Happy Halloween Boys and Ghouls!

This year my show on falls on the 30th of October. I figured what better way to get you in the hellish mood by doing a 2-hour tribute to the progenitors of horror punk, The Misfits! You’re going to be trick and treated to all 30+ years of terror caused by Glen Danzig, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, Jerry Only, Dr. Chud, Michale Graves, Dez Cadena, and all the other fiends that have been in the band’s lineup.

On the demonic decks will be all the known tracks as well as rare demos, interviews, and all the b-sides.

Wear your devilocks long kids! You know no other radio station will be doing a Halloween show to get you amped for Hell night!


Tune into
Thursday, Oct. 30th
8pm-10pm EST