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Captain’s Log, Stardate: 92050.89

The Spelljammer has been in orbit around Jupiter’s moon, Europa, for a few weeks. No word as of yet to investigate the moon. The systems alert that there is another craft that has jumped into the vicinity of the Spelljammer. Why would another star craft want to travel to on of Jupiter’s moons? Europa is composed primarily of ice. This can only mean one thing, Ice Pirates.



Adventures of Commander Cool Hand
Episode 9 – Ice Pirates
Host: Cool Hand J
Broadcast: theFix.FM
Broadcast date: 06-12-14
Mixed By: Cool Hand J
Cover Art By: Kilian Eng


  1. Akay (feat Rah Digga) – Sexual Healing
  2. Anthony Mansfield – Son of Zeus
  3. Dr. Packer – Give It All You Got
  4. Alien Disco Sugar – Records Keep Spinnin’
  5. Ferry Ultra – I Owe My Love to You
  6. Can 7 – Coffe Break
  7. DJ Vas – One Love
  8. Boeing – Dance to the Beat
  9. Kano – Can’t Hold Back
  10. Orlando Johnson & Trance – Turn the Music On
  11. Trance – Hang On
  12. Cameron – Boogie’s Gonna Get Ya (Extended Mix)
  13. Electric Mind – Summing Up (Massimo Berardi Re-Touch
  14. DJ Rubens – Turn Around Boogie Down
  15. Killer Funk Disco Allstars – Is That A Firecracker In Your Pocket Harvey Or You Just Pleased…
  16. Aurra – Party Time (Extended Mix)
  17. Ago – You Made Me Do It
  18. Alkalino – Our World
  19. Ferry Ultra – The Wiggle
  20. Killer Funk Disco Allstars – Mmmm Tiger Can You Switch Over To The Golf Channel Please
  21. DJ Rubens – Heart Be Still
  22. KS French – Keep On
  23. The Boogie Man – When The Funk Rains Down


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