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Captain’s Log, stardate: 92031.51
Back on the Spelljammer to discover more funk that the galaxy has to offer. Had to give a shout out to the Coburg Cow this passed week because it’s finally working again! People need to go see that thing actually work before it stops working again or some jerk decides to get drunk and ride it… again. I give it 4 days tops before it stops working once again. Oh and folks on mopeds, if you could stay in the right hand lane unless you’re turning, that would be great.


Adventures of Commander Cool Hand
Episode 8 – Getting Back
Broadcast: theFix.FM
Broadcast date: 06-05-14
Mixed By: Cool Hand J
Cover Art By: Kilian Eng


  1. Alien Disco Sugar – Gimme Your Love
  2. Dave Gerrard – People of the World
  3. Avanti & Juan Soto – Good Vibrations
  4. Yam Who? – Baby
  5. A&S – Independent (V Stays Free Edit)
  6. Anita Ward – Ring My Bell (Superclubfunky Remix)
  7. B-Jam – The Need of Women
  8. Virgin Magnetic Material – Goin For It (Original Mix)
  9. Big Bird – Lose Control
  10. Venice Beach – Dear Betty
  11. D-Train – Keep Giving Me Love (Rayko Red Dragon Soul Edit)
  12. Craig Bratley – Wanna Be With You
  13. Phil Disco – Funk In
  14. Alkalino – Get Up and Clap Your Hands
  15. Cassian – Nobody (Original Mix)
  16. Augustine & Edwardian Hipsters – Still You (V Ancora Edit)
  17. Onur Engin – Love Me Now
  18. Mr. Leigh – Searchin’ to Find ANother One
  19. Alphabet City – Colder Boogie (Dicky Trisco Hot Mix)
  20. Yam Who? – So In Love
  21. KS French – Come Together


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