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Captain’s Log, stardate: 91954.91
Just got beamed back to the Spelljammer from a short vacation on Earth. The transporters that you see in the Star Trek series, pure science fiction. Teleportation does not work anything like that. It takes longer and it normally rearranges molecules which may not place body parts in the right location. I had to be re-arranged six times to get my arms in the right place. Also, teleportation lag has caused my mind to slip. For some reason, I thought in was near Saturn. Turns out the ship is now in Jupiter’s orbit. I need to get my head back in the game.

Adventures of Commander Cool Hand
Episode 5 – Back in the Game
Host: Cool Hand J
Broadcast: theFix.FM
Broadcast date: 05-08-14
Mixed By: Cool Hand J
Cover Art By: Kilian Eng

Track Listing:

  1. Get Down Edits – Heaven Sent
  2. Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee – Boogie Flight
  3. 2 Billion Beats – See Us Through
  4. KS French – Lovers
  5. Bachteen – Just Us
  6. Fingerman – Tell Me Luv
  7. Niccolo Cupo – Beyond Love
  8. Yam Who? – What People Say
  9. LTJ Experience – Take Me or Leave Me
  10. Pablo & Shoey – Raw Human Emotion (Part 2)
  11. Jay Ru – Brown Baby
  12. Alien Disco Sugar – Tired of Being Alone
  13. Get Down Edits – S’Punk (Deo Groove)
  14. 80’s Child – In Your Life
  15. Fingerman – Feel the Groove
  16. KS French – Hold Me Tight
  17. Beaten Space Probe – We Dance
  18. Late Nite Tuff Guy – I’ve Been Thinkin’ About You
  19. KS French – Wear It Out
  20. Daco – Something For The Weekend
  21. Buzz Compass – Don’t Give It Up


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