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Captain’s Log, stardate: 91897.45

The terrestrial rover was damaged during the extraction at the dust off zone on Mars. The instruments and interstellar transmitter were knocked offline by the low end frequencies we discovered while exploring the red planet. Unfortunately, the transmission to Earth will forever be lost. The SSV Spelljammer has it’s course set to Jupiter. First, it has to make it through the asteroid belt between that separates the inner and outer planets in the Solar System.


Adventures of Commander Cool Hand
Episode 3 – Jump to Jupiter
Host: Cool Hand J
Broadcast: theFix.FM
Broadcast date: 04-17-14
Mixed By: Cool Hand J
Cover Art By: Kilian Eng



  1. The Groovers – The Stars
  2. Yam Who? – All Outta Breath
  3. Panorama – Straight From The Heart
  4. Gazeebo – Love Games
  5. Linosaur – That Guy
  6. MBT – You Know Too
  7. Mirage – Summer Grooves
  8. Disco Tech – Full Tilt
  9. Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee – Come Back Baby
  10. DJ Steef – Just Let It Lay (DY Steef Edit)
  11. Elias Tzikas – Faces Everywhere
  12. Dynasty – I Don’t Wanna Be A Freak (Silent Patric Edit)
  13. Dean Sunshine Smith – House Party 2013
  14. Disco Tech – Too Funkay
  15. Executive Suite – Why In The World Do They Keep (Funk’in With Me)
  16. Panach – Sweet Jazz Music
  17. Savanna – Never Let You Go (Onur Engin Edit)
  18. Rayko – Strings (Subwoofer Killer Edit)
  19. The Fans – Dr. Dunk (Ballad of Dr. J)
  20. Freeez – Keep In Touch
  21. Alex and His Soul Messengers – Hail to Guyana
  22. Puff – (You Got Me) In the Mood
  23. The Sandpebbles of Barbados – Suntan
  24. Chocolate + Joy – Dog It
  25. Jimmy Sabater – To Be With You


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