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Captain’s Log, Stardate: 92146.43

Tonight I decided to sling some good ol’ fashioned disco to celebrate the so-called “death of disco” that happened on July 12th, 1979. For those that don’t know why that date is so important, this was better known as “Disco Demolition Night.” This was a terrible promotion by some idiot shock-jock, Steve Dahl who wanted to rid the world of disco. Unfortunately, for him, but fortunate for everyone else, disco is alive and going strong world wide, while rock music is during into some really terrible bastardization of what it once was.



Adventures of Commander Cool Hand
Episode 12 – Warm, Warmer, Disco
Host: Cool Hand J
Broadcast: theFix.FM
Broadcast date: 07-17-14
Mixed By: Cool Hand J
Cover Art By: Kilian Eng


  1. Love Unlimited – I Can’t Let Him Down
  2. The Jones Girls – You Gonna Make Me Love Someone Else
  3. Bobby Rush – I Wanna Do The Do
  4. The Jones Girls – Nights Over Egypt
  5. Banda Black Rio – Miss Cheryl
  6. Sir John Roberts & The Sophisticated Funk Orchestra – Ain’t Nothing Like Making Love
  7. Bo Galigher TSB Inc. – (Oh! Baby) Get On Down
  8. Fresh Band – Come Back Lover
  9. Genie Brown – I Can’t Stop Talking
  10. Edwin Birdsong – Phiss-Phizz
  11. Dexter Wansel – I’ll never Forget (My Favorite Disco)
  12. Frantique – Strut Your Funky Stuff
  13. Jerry Butler – I’m Just Thinking About Cooling Out
  14. The O’Jays – Put Our Heads Together
  15. Chain Reaction – Dance Freak
  16. Frantique – Getting Serious
  17. Queen Yahna – Ain’t It Time
  18. Cloud One – Disco Juice
  19. Edwin Birdsong – Lollipop
  20. Sil Austin – Disco Lady
  21. The Philadelphia International All Stars – Let’s Clean Up The Ghetto
  22. Gregory Andre – I Want To Be With You
  23. Mick Jackson – Weekend
  24. The Futures – Party TIme Man
  25. Kathi Baker – Fa La La (Feel The Heat)
  26. The Trammps – Soul Searchin’ Time


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