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You all have heard a couple of tracks from Funk Hunk on previous episodes of my show. If you’ve paid attention to those episodes it’s easy to hear why I go nuts over the Hunk’s releases and even get a little gitty whenever he has a free download release on his SoundCloud page. Funk has done a good job editing the track, extending it where it needs to be and adding a bit of driving force behind it. I wish I could give more of a back story to this track but outside, “Locomotion” that Ebony did in 1979, I really don’t know much about them. So it’s good to be exposed to a great groover for the first time via a Funk Hunk Edit. Make sure you grab this burner before SoundCloud allows the major labels to have their way with it.


Download Ebony – The Man I Love (Funk Hunk Edit) on SoundCloud.

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