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It’s about time that we start seeing the real DJs start to answer back to all the crappy DJs that are making tons of money and are just as Daniel Tosh states, “Professional iPod Controllers!” Now, I can go on and on about how the art of DJing has been in a downward spiral to it’s death, (trust me I’m editing and re-writing a post now about DJing and it’s downfall in modern music and society.) When I see legends like Craze putting out videos like this and ending it with a hashtag, (#RealDJing) to me, it’s inspiring and it’s a call to action! All DJs who believe that DJing and turntablism is an art form should start posting videos and mixes up featuring them doing tricks and really rocking the decks. You don’t have to be on the level of Craze and other greats, just start posting videos and tracks on your social media sights showing your skills. I’ll admit, I’m guilty and I haven’t done this in ages because I haven’t had a good camera to record my ‘ablist practice. But I’m in the process of putting together my music room in my new house, so you’ll begin seeing videos of me doing tricks and what not. That’s neither here nor there. If you’ve got a video of yourself doing any sort of tricks or routine, throw it online and tag it with “#RealDJing” it should be interesting to see how the rest of the music world will respond when real DJing starts to come back into light.

DJ Craze-New Slaves Routine

“That bitch Paris makes 1mil a show?!? I’m a DMC champion and don’t pull that.”

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