Rockwell – Somebody’s Watching Me (Cool Hand EXperience)

Release date: 19-Dec-2014


This is some post-modernism at work here. Recently, there have been a few re-editors that have done reworks of this classic Rockwell track. I wasn’t 100% happy with any of them that I was hearing. So, I decided to take the parts of the ones that I did like, combine them together, change up the bassline, give it a bit more thump, and came up with my re-edit of the track. I have tested this on the dance floor and it does go over really well.

So what is this “Cool Hand Experience?” Well, it’s going to be what I call my series of edits and remixes. There’s so many tracks out there that say “DJ so-and-so Edit” or “DJ so-and-so Remix.” While they aren’t wrong with adding that to the title of their mix, it just seems a little played out. I’m really sharing with the world how I experience music. If I believe the bassline of a song needs to be changed, I change it. If I feel the drums need more thump, then I add more thump. It’s not to discredit the work of the original artists who did the work. It’s just different. It’s the way, I would have done things. I also have a thing for theatrics so this seemed to work with the whole 80’s love and concepts. Hope you all dig the track!



Download Rockwell – Somebody’s Watching Me (Cool Hand EXperience)