Midnight Star – Midas Touch (Cool Hand EXperience)

Release date: 01-May-2015


Ahh sugar…

Hot off the block for the first of the month! This remix is actually a remix of a re-edit of another re-edit. I added a lot to this track! I really wanted it to knock, sound gritty, bassy and rhythmic. I played around with the vocals a lot. Noticeably during the choruses and especially during the breakdown. Over all, I’m happy with the turn out.

I first played this track during my set at Kulture Klash 8 to test the waters. It went over extremely well! I had a few folks ask me “Who’s version of Midas Touch was that?” -and- “Dude, can you send me that Midnight Star remix?” So here it is available for download. If you could touch the follow button, download the track, then turn your sets to gold!



Download Midnight Star – Midas Touch (Cool Hand EXperience) from Stereoload.