George Benson – Inside Love (So Personal) (Cool Hand EXperience)

Release date: 19-Jan-2015


I decided to to a little rework on this George Benson track. I came to find out that most folks who are not die-hard George Benson fans didn’t know anything about this track! On it’s own right, “Inside Love” is a great smooth disco-ish jam! For this edit, I didn’t really do too much to it. I rearranged some drum patterns to give a steady 32 beat intro and outro that didn’t feel too repetitive. I layered the drums to give it some real driving punch right before George Benson sings, “keeping it personal.” Finally, I added some filtering at key vocal points. To me these simple changes made for a great edit!

One thing I did that wasn’t about the production, was that I made the track a “Like to Download” track on Facebook. The reason I did this was because last year alone, my tracks have been downloaded more than 4,000 times. I figured that if I could, in the very least, build an audience from just 10% of that then I could be on my way to more fans that dig my work, I can begin to understand geographically where most of my audience is at, (so I can plan for out of town shows.) And just really build a network of folks who really love funk, soul, and disco jams!

So if you do stumble upon this page or my SoundCloud page and actually dig the jams enough to want them for free, then you’ll go ahead and just give a simple like on Facebook for the download.



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