Dazz Band – Swoop (I’m Yours) (Cool Hand EXperience)

Release date: 04-Jan-2015


Here’s my first release of 2015! (And my second release under the “Cool Hand EXperience” line of mixes.) This was a jam that the Dazz Band released off their 5th album entitled “Joystick” in 1983. The song was recently redone by a few re-editors and it was just sick! The only problem was when it got to the “I’m yours as long as you are mine” part after the second chorus the re-edits laid heavily on the filter and when I played the edit for the first time on the dance floor, it killed the floor. Not in a good way either. People were looking at me like, “Damn dude, lay off the effects!” So I changed that around, dropped the speed by two bpm from the original, pitched the track down slightly to give it more edge and in my opinion more funk.

If you dig it, feel free to download the track, repost it, give it that little heart and leave a comment. If there’s something that you feel I should have done differently, let me know. I appreciate all comments, good and bad.



Download Dazz Band – Swoop (I’m Yours) (Cool Hand Experience)