Adventures Of Commander Cool Hand – Episode 24 – DeLorean Funk

Release date: 23-Oct-2014

Label: theFix.fm




Adventures of Commander Cool Hand
Episode 24 – DeLorean Funk
Host: Cool Hand J
Broadcast: theFix.FM
Broadcast date: 10-24-14
Mixed By: Cool Hand J
Cover Art By: Kilian Eng


  1. Real Juice – Complicated Situation (Dub)
  2. Armenta – I Wanna Be With You (Instrumental)
  3. Q – The Voice of Q
  4. Allan Harris – You Bring Out The Best In Me (Instrumental)
  5. Russell Dabney – In The Middle of the Night (Instrumental)
  6. Suzanne Riches – Hungry For Your Love (Instrumental)
  7. Akasha – Thunder In Your Love (Instrumental)
  8. Joe Freeman – Sneakin’ (No Respect) (Instrumental)
  9. Paul Hardcastle – Rain Forest (Original mix)
  10. Company B – Fascinated (Instrumental)
  11. Sir Scott Rock with the Jammalott Kingdom – Learn To Jamm-A-Lott (Instrumental)
  12. FM Funk – Take Off Your Make-Up (Let Your Hair Down) (Instrumental)
  13. New Experience – Prove It To Me
  14. The Chestnut Brothers – Sweet Little Rita
  15. Brutus – Excitation (Instrumental)
  16. Gypsy Lane – Cold Fine
  17. Venus Starr – Ms. Sassy, Frassy, Classy (Instrumental)
  18. Sophie St. Laurent – Sex Appeal (Instrumental)
  19. Lust – Pillow Talk
  20. The Little Dabs – Spotlite
  21. Deborah Washington – Nothing But Drums
  22. Erotic Drum Band – Love Disco Style (Instrumental)


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