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Definitely not the rarest album in my collection, but it definitely is one of the more fun ones to listen to. When you combine reggae and disco, whirl it into a blender, you get this magical concoction known as Denroy Morgan’s 1981 release “I’ll Do Anything For You.” This album could only come about by someone who was born and raised in Jamaica and decided to move to the United States in the late 60’s to pick up the disco movement that was going to hit New York in the 70’s. And that’s pretty much what Denroy Morgan did! This whole album is a masterpiece composed of reggae rhythms over disco four-on-the-floor beats. The most notable track on here shares the name of the title of the album, “I’ll Do Anything For You.” This song features great vocal work by Morgan and backup singers mixed with a reggae and disco vibe. It’s great that this track is at the end of the album because you’ll have to listen to other great tracks. The opener “Sweet Tender Love” should give your tush a push as soon as you hear it. If not, you’re a zombie and have been listening to too much corporate crap. “Rastaman Rising” switches the groove up by giving you straight reggae vibes. Then never give up brings you right back to that disco/reggae sound. The whole album is like this! Grab it!


Denroy Morgan - I'll Do Anything For You

Label: Becket Records ‎– BKS 015
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1981
Genre: Funk / Soul, Reggae
Style: Reggae, Disco

A1. Sweet Tender Love
A2. Rastaman Rising
A3. Never Give Up
A4. No Secret
B1. Come Together
B2. Africa is Calling
B3. Who Knows What
B4. I’ll Do Anything For You

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