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There weren’t too many groups formed in the early 70’s that that could say that they have nearly two decades of releases under their belt. However, Crown Heights Affair was one those groups that could easily say that. Another thing that the gents of Crown Heights Affair can say is that they were easily able to adapt their sound to better suit what was happening at the time in the music world. However, even with all the changing and adaptation, Crown Heights Affair never reached the stardom that I think they so rightfully deserved. If you ask nearly anybody to name a “Crown Heights Affair song” they most likely won’t be able to. But if you play a Crown song, most likely people are going to go, “Oh snap! I haven’t heard this jam in ages.” The same thing will happen with the groups 1982 masterpiece, “Think Positive.”

When it came to early 80’s male multiple singer releases, I think Crown Heights Affair was on top of the game! This album is a mix of the Temptations, Alexander O’Neal, Teddy Pendergrass, and Louis Johnson. It’s just stellar! All the songs on this album are just insanely soulful mixed with those early 80’s synths and basslines that we all have come to love. I love dropping tracks off this album early in the evening whenever I do sets just to see people’s reactions. Almost all the times they’re completely positive. Anyway, the more I talk about this album in a blog post, the more I feel my words don’t do it any sort of justice. Go head and hit the jump below to download and listen to this classic 80’s masterpiece.


Think Positive!
Label: De-Lite Records ‎– DSR-8504
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1982
Genre: Funk / Soul
Style: Disco

A1. Somebody Tell Me What To Do
A2. Love Rip Off
A3. Heart Upside Down
A4. Think Positive
B1. I Got Sometin’ For Ya
B2. Wine And Dine You
B3. Your Love Makes Me Hot
B4. Let Me Ride On The Waves Of Your Love


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