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In a cool twist of online popularity contests; I sadly have to inform everyone that I did not make it on the Charleston City Paper Music Awards Ballot for Best DJ. I wasn’t too upset by this. After all it’s a popularity contest and not a measure of turntablism skill or knowledge of music. (But I won’t lie, if I did make it to the ballot I’d be happy and of course add it to my press kit.) However, I was alerted by an email from Reverbnation that I was now the #1 ranked DJ in the Charleston area. For those unfamiliar with Reverbnation it is an online platform, launched in 2006, that develops technology used by the music industry, including artists, managers, labels, venues and festivals, for promotion, content management and cross-media licensing opportunities. (Copy and pasted from their Wiki.) So, a site that supports musicians and artists from all walks of life and is known world wide gives me props but my own home town publication doesn’t even recognize. Haha! Story of my life. But you know who did make the City Paper ballot and could use your support? theFix.FM DJ PartyDad made the ballot! So you should head over to the Charleston City Paper Music Awards Ballot and cast a vote for him.

For those of you wanting to check me out on Reverbnation, you can visit here.



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