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It’s all about staying smooth…

You ever wonder why rap artists started to use over synthesized, over produced music for their tracks instead of the smooth funk and soul samples that they used to? I know I always wonder that. I don’t really have an answer. But what I do have is a love for the way rappers and producers used to use samples and create their beats that way. Currently I’m working on a project that will take a good handful of over produced rap and mix it with smooth funk and soul samples. Only the smoothest in my collection. This project isn’t to say that I’m a better producer or the rap songs remixed sound any better than the original. It’s just, they will sound different. They will sound smooth. Kind of the way that I want to hear them.

This is my take on Clipse’s “Mr. Me Too.” If for some reason that you cannot remember this track, it was the first single on Clipse’s “Hell Hath No Fury” album released in 2006. This track was produced by the Neptunes. I will admit the original is straight up bangin’! The beat was not overly complicated but that’s what added to the appeal of it. You’re probably thinking about why I decided on this track to reimagine if the beat wasn’t all that complicated? The reason I did this track in particular was that there was no samples on it. It was just straight produced electronically. In an interview Pusha T stated:

It’s the total disruption of radio. There’s nothing on radio that will even be close to it. It just addresses Mr. Me Toos. Mr. Me Too is the person that sits there and examines your style and takes a piece of it.

It’s kind of what I’m doing here. Except, I don’t claim that it’s my lyrics, I’m just using a piece of it. Anyway, if you want to download the track you can head over to my Facebook page and give me a like. (Hey, I’m trying to build a fanbase here.)

Cool Hand J – on Facebook

I also created a VJ mix for this track. Why don’t you give it a play and see the 80’s and 90’s references all through out.

Stay tuned for more VJ clips and remixes!

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