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A few months ago I posted about how YouTuber, Mylo the Cat did a hell of a cool Muppets Beastie Boys video. Well, he’s back! This time Mylo decides to take on Naughty By Nature’s iconic “Hip Hop Hooray.” Kermit and Fozzie take the mics on this remake with guest vocals done[…]

For all those that don’t know, skating has been a huge influence in my life. If it weren’t for always being out with my friends skating, and pushing myself harder and harder, I probably wouldn’t be in the position that I am at today. That being said, I ran across this[…]

What Is The Paradise Garage? from gogoPatience c+p on Vimeo. This video is just amazing! The Paradise Garage was around before I was born so there was no way possible I could have experienced it first hand. I would love to have. I hear stories like the ones in the video[…]

My mom is a pretty cool person! She has given birth to the coolest person in my life, me. She also has this uncanny ability to still remember all the stupid, little things that I love. One of those things that I’m a sucker for is the decade of the 80’s.[…]

I know the day has just started, but I think we have an internet winner for today. There was a time in the 80’s where commercials were these epic, over produced, and story line scripted 1 minute plus movies! Yes, commercials of today don’t hold up against those commercials of old.[…]

Just when you thought the internet was getting played out and boring! Mylo the Cat brings the world something I think all Beastie Boy fans and the Beastie Boys could appreciate. (RIP MCA!) This video (I hope there is more to come!) takes the muppets the insane Swedish Chef, the crazed drummer[…]

I know this is old and you’ve probably seen this about 1000 times, but I’m fascinated always by this commercial. *BONUS* On a side note, this guy actually has a music video. It’s actually pretty decent by today’s standards.

Looks like Jazzy Jeff tears Jeremy Ellis apart in this video using sound effects from Super Mario Bros! I don’t want to turn this into a “turntable vs. controller” argument. But Jazzy Jeff sounds “WAAAAAAAAAAAY” better. There’s no denying it! Coolest thing is, this isn’t even Jazzy’s best work.