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I haven’t posted anything on 80’s pop on the site, but I had this song stuck in my head for the last week. In fact, it’s still stuck in my head as I type this. I think it’s because re-editor 80’s Child just released a little edit of this track and[…]

Just a show of hands. How many of you, when seeing this cover in the dollar bin section would have passed this up? Don’t worry, it’s not a big deal if you did. But you can never judge an album by it’s cover. Especially, when you flip it over to the[…]

I just realized that I haven’t reviewed any female artists of the 80’s on this site! How could I possibly leave out any of the contributions that these amazing women have given the world? (Maybe I’m just too busy and I’m not making enough money on this blog site to quit[…]

It’s hard to start off my first (I’m sure of many more to follow) posts about George Duke. I had to take into account his whole music career that spanned nearly five decades, his almost ninety releases, (over 40 were full length albums), countless appearances with other artists, and that there[…]

There weren’t too many groups formed in the early 70’s that that could say that they have nearly two decades of releases under their belt. However, Crown Heights Affair was one those groups that could easily say that. Another thing that the gents of Crown Heights Affair can say is that[…]

The 80’s was a very experimental time in music. New technologies were being used. Synths were coming more and more common. The Talk Box wasn’t widely used in the world. However, Roger Troutman took it to a whole new level. For those of you who are new to digging, funk music, or[…]