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You know what’s good with nearly everyone being a DJ? It’s everyone being a DJ! Music is meant to be shared and listened to by everyone! But one thing that’s really great about everyone being a DJ, is that every so often you get the opportunity to meet another DJ with[…]

  Valentine’s Day is coming up this week and I put together a little mix to get everyone in the mood. If you can’t recall I actually did a practice run of this mix on my show that’s on a few months back. (Roughly about 100 days ago.) In between[…]

The good folks at Cultures of Soul have been digging! Recently they released a compilation of Caribbean disco and funk that is chock full of grooves that provide the perfect soundtrack that will compliment any summer day. The unearthed gems in this compilation are sure to get the dance floor simmering![…]

Big ups to PartyDad on hitting me up telling me to listen to this mixtape! When Poolside posted this up on SoundCloud, it somehow got buried quickly in my stream and I missed it. This mixtape will definitely be in heavy rotation in my Honda Fit this summer. It clocks in[…]

When you hear “Charleston, South Carolina” what images pop into your head? Tourists, crappy drivers, beaches, douchebags getting kneed by Jim Cantore, a gaggle of douchbags on TV? Who knows? Probably the last thought on your mind was “underground rap scene.” Believe it or not, Charleston does have one. It’s definitely not[…]