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I’m hard pressed to find people that dislike Cameo. Out of those people who dislike Cameo, most of them can still get down to the red-codpiece wearing, Freddy Mercury stache sporting, early 80’s, Larry Blackmon fronted Cameo and not even realize they’re dancing to Cameo. “Word Up” is probably Cameo’s most recognized jam. This track was bringing more heat than Burt Reynolds was bringing to the rest of the entertainment industry in 1986. (Props to you, if you got that reference.) It spent 3 weeks at number 1 on the U.S. R&B chart and 1 week as number 1 on the U.S. Hot Singles Chart. In the U.K., “Word Up” spent 13 weeks in the top 40 and peaked to the number 3 position. (Source – Wikipedia)

Larry Blackmon Word Up

Not exactly a Freddy stache, but when your game was this tight, women wanted mustache rides and to see why your junk needs armor.

With the popularity of this track, it’s no wonder that DJs, producers, and bands were all doing their versions/re-edits/remixes to try to ride the same wave as Cameo. (No doubt, Ultimix had their version of it.) For the most part the mixes were good, but they weren’t great. There was really nothing that stood out. Anyway, this post isn’t about the merits and comparisons of versions on “Word Up.” It’s only about Mean Fiddler‘s version.

Mean Fiddler’s mix comes at you with the extended version that you find on the 12″ single. It’s not a complete remix of the song, but it’s more than just a re-edit. What really does it for me in this track is the extra synthetic bass kicks that feel as if the track is driving faster than what it really is. It’s a simple technique that doesn’t detract from this cut but it really adds that extra push for the dance floor. Mean Fiddler does have a prominent break in the track. Should you drop it into the mix and the crowd isn’t really feeling it, you can either wait for the break or hit a que point to get there and mix out. (This track clocks in at 9:00, so chances of any DJ playing it all are going to be slim. At least I won’t be.) Fiddler brings this track to you free in uncompressed, lossless, FLAC format. He definitely wants you to play it for whatever gigs that you might have and leaves you the option of converting it however you want. Personally, I would use this track for nights that I need to play more noticeable tunes  and obscurity would get me into trouble. (I’m specifically talking about the Market Area bars/clubs of Charleston.) This version of “Word Up” definitely has potential to be a secret weapon in your crates. However, you will definitely want to have this track as extra ammo just in case you need to grab everyone’s attention on the dance floor. Anyway, enough DJ related idioms for now. Grab this track!

Cameo – Word Up (Mean Fiddler Special 12 Inch Regroove) (Free DL)

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