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For all those that don’t know, skating has been a huge influence in my life. If it weren’t for always being out with my friends skating, and pushing myself harder and harder, I probably wouldn’t be in the position that I am at today. That being said, I ran across this skate video that just came out from BringThat.BEER on Vimeo and I’m glad there’s cats in Charleston that are still pushing wood like this. Charleston doesn’t have a skatepark, but it does have some pretty killer spots to skate. I’ve been in a situation like that before and if the police are anything like the police that hassled my friends and I, then skating is going to be tough to practice, let alone get on the level that some of these guys are on. I don’t know too much about this video and who made it. I’m assuming Continuum Skateshop had their hands in it because it said so in the beginning. One thing is, if you see “vol. 1” after something, there is usually subsequent volumes after that. I’m hoping there is! If any other skaters in Charleston see this post, then let me know if you have any videos, comps, spots, etc. That you want posted up on this site. I’m always 100% supportive to getting the word out about skateboarding.

Here’s some more info about skateboarding in Charleston:

Continuum Skateshop Official Website

BringThat.Beer on Vimeo



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