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I just ran across this a few moments ago! Turns out Jeff Lewis of Holy City Sports Talk started a project to that’s aimed to raise money for Brad Cooper’s family. Jeff created wristbands that point to a pretty fitting Bible verse that I would say sums up Brad’s mentality with his two radio stations. On the backside of the bracelet it even has Brads initials and his sanskrit tattoo “सर्पाशन”. This means “Snake Eater.” Here’s what’s on the GoFundMe page:

 This is a donation site in hopes to raise money to create a wristband in remembrance of Brad Cooper, a loving friend and family member, that has recently left us. On the front of the wristband, seeing as Brad’s love was music, we have decided that the verse “Hear my vision” will appropriately remind us of his passion. On the back of the wristband, it will have his initials (John Bradford Cooper), ’91-’14, as well as the sanskrit “सर्पाशन”. This means “Snake Eater” and it was the only tattoo Brad ever had. Brad will never be forgotten, but this is just a small reminder of his love and passion for all of us. Cost of completion will be around $225.00, and all remaining benefits will be sent to Brad’s parents. Once we reach our goal and create them, they will be put at the Kinetic Hifi studio in West Ashley, Charleston. If you would like one and cannot be there to grab one, even if you donated or not, you can email me and I can mail one to you. We appreciate every contribution. Love to all.

Donate to the project and learn more about when to get your Brad bracelet by going to

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