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I was already talking about this mix in another post and I was really feeling it. I also needed to start writing more posts to catch up from what I couldn’t do because of moving into my new place. So I said, “What the heck, let’s just post the mix on the site!”

It’s always good to take a step back from all the music that I listen to and mix on a daily basis to listen to others and the way they hear music in the world. I love it when I find these little gems of a mix on SoundCloud. Actually, this one kind of found me. Boogie Banton followed me on SoundCloud and immediately began asking me questions about tracks that I played and commenting on mixes and you know, actually doing what SoundCloud was meant for. It was great to hear from someone who actually doesn’t just leave the generic comments like “Cool” or “Cool mix bro.” So of course when I got the time to listen to his work, I did. I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest bit.

Radio Flow #16 contains a lot of edits of classic jams that I really love. You’ve got more recognizable jams like a Joey Negro remix of Carly Simon’s “Why” and a Late Nite Tuff Guy edit of George Benson’s “Love x Love.” (You heard this on Episode 13 – Boogie Knights.) And some more slightly obscure gems like The Pasadenas “Tribute.” The mixing is solid throughout the whole hour-and-a-half journey that Boogie Banton takes you on. He also mixes a bit quicker than I do on this mix when compared to my radio show. So for those of you who have ADD and need some edits, this is a listen for you. Overall, it’s a great mix and I’ve got more to go through on his SoundCloud page. I’m looking forward to kicking back and chilling to these groovin’ mixes.


Boogie Banton - No 16

Boogie Banton – Radio Flow #16 (Rollerskating Edits)


001 Junior Byron – Dance To The Music (Vocal Version)
002 Krystol – After The Dance (InnerWestSoul)
003 Carly Simon – Why (Joey Negro Block Party Mix)
004 Marcos Valle – Estrelar (Neighbour Mix)
005 Steely Dan – The Fez (Laura Ingalls WTF Is A Fez Edit)
006 The Pasadenas – Tribute (Deep & Disco Rework)
007 The Sequence – Just Want U To Know (French K’s Edit)
008 Duke Lake – Satisfaction (Rayko Re-Edit)
009 Brenda Fassie – Mingi Mingi (Norman Jay Remix)
010 10cc – I Don’t Like Reggae (Late Night Tuff Guy Acid Re-Work)
011 Thelma Houston – You Used To Hold Me Tight
012 Bob Sinclair – So High
013 George Benson – Love X Love (LNTG Edit)
014 Al Hudson & Partner – Music (The Revenge Edit)
015 Mid Air – Ease Out (The Revenge Edit)
016 Ronnie Dyson – All Over Your Face (Tony Johns Edit)
017 Barbara Mason – Did It The The Music (TIM Zawada Mix)
018 Change – Angel In My Pocker (Hedley Edit)
019 Juicy – Beat Street Strut (DJ Friendly Edit)
020 Chic – Lost In Music (Gay Marwin Rework)


Listen to more of Boogie Banton’s mixes on SoundCloud.

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