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You know what’s good with nearly everyone being a DJ? It’s everyone being a DJ! Music is meant to be shared and listened to by everyone! But one thing that’s really great about everyone being a DJ, is that every so often you get the opportunity to meet another DJ with the same tastes, same music, and all around the same attitudes towards music. The only difference is that this other DJ has a different style and because of that, presents music so different than you that you enjoy the tracks all over again!

Some back story first. I got a message on SoundCloud from Bombyce that was literally, “Can you have a listen, please?” and attached to it was his April Funk Mix. He had the magic word “Funk” in it. He has listened to my work in the passed. So of course I’ll give it a listen!

In short, this mix is great! I recommend every minute of the just over an hour that you’ll dedicate to it. Your life will be a bit better after listening to Bombyce lay some treats on you.

I listened to all 63 almost 64 minutes of the mix and recognized every single track that was played. You might be thinking, “Well that’s kind of boring that you listened to the mix and knew every track.” But it totally wasn’t. And here’s why: Bombyce has a similar taste in music as I do. In fact, I can easily find all the tracks he played in the mix on my own hard drives. But the key thing is this, it’s the “way” he played those tracks, the order that he placed them in, and the small story he created when he arranged them in that order is why the mix is so good! I listened to the whole mix going, “Why didn’t I think to mix into those tracks?” -Or- “I never heard how well those two tracks work together.” It’s these types of things that DJs need to focus on in order to stand out in a world that is over saturated with DJs.

It’s also great to know that there are other like minded individuals in this world who do share the same love for funk, soul, and disco. It’s also great that we now live in a world where we can easily share our interests and love with others in a simple email that simply states, “Can you have a listen, please?

Bombyce April Funk Mix 2015 – Tracklisting

  1. Buggin’ Out – Marcy Hustle
  2. Situation – Bristol Woman
  3. DJ Nello – Funny Brown
  4. Shake At The Disco (Dave Gerrard Workout)
  5. Space Duke & Rayko – Think Like A Lobster
  6. DJ Butcher – Paradise
  7. General Johnson – Don’t Walk Away (Smart Edit)*
  8. Embat Prodz – Stop Now
  9. Shirley B – You Take My Heart Away (Midnight Surfer’s Extended Edit)
  10. B-Jam – Sundog (Fingerman’s Acid Doge Rework)
  11. Capitan Futuro – Break Me Off
  12. Phat Camel – I Wish

Make sure you show Bombyce some love on his April Funk Mix 2015 on SoundCloud.

Check out Bombyce’s other mixes on his SoundCloud page as well. They are all stellar!

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