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I found this airy housy/nu-disco take on this McGilpin burner buried in my site’s draft folder. It was time to publish it. This rework takes the original track and speeds it up a tad and focuses on the “I said sexy” and “Sexy Thing” lines. There’s a wonderful drum breakdown about the 2:40 minute mark that swells back into the main riff. This track is definitely something good to add to your sets if the crowd is craving a little more electronic feel or if you are wanting to transition from some some classic jams into the more house oriented music. Also, it’s Bob McGilpin! Why would you not have him in your crates?

Listen to Bob McGilpin – Sexy Thing (V4YS I Say Rework) on SoundCloud.

Download for free on The Artist Union
For good measure, here is the original jam for comparison:

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