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Black Dave has once again brought us some rap from Charleston’s underground rap movement. This slow moving jam brings back his style from the Owl Eyes Mixtape. The first thing that you will hear is an almost chopped and screwed beat containing samples from Art of Noise’s “Moments in Love.” You know me. I’m a sucker when rap artists of today hold true to real rap and sample something great. “Moments in Love” isn’t a rare sample by any means. Many, many artists have sampled this track. However, what is rare is how Black Dave has produced it. Most artists have left the track at the same tempo or sped it up to go with their rhyming. Dave has decided to go the opposite route and lower it, both by speed and by pitch. He also has it as the prominent melody of the track. Off the top of my head the only thing I can think of that sounds close to this is Krayzie Bone’s “Mo Murder.” Even that lacks the drums and over all feel that TM43 has. It really sounds like this sophomore release is a more refined Dave. Is this the new Black Dave that we’re going to hear from now on? In my personal opinion, I really hope so. The rap game is flooded right now with corny beats and little to no rhyming, let alone word play and conscience lyrics. It’s refreshing to see artists break that cycle and meld genres and time lines together like this was second nature to them.

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