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Bedroom Sessions stats


This is kind of crazy to me. It was only a few months ago that this particular mix in my “Bedroom Sessions” practice sets surpassed the 1000 play mark! It’s now passed the 2000 plays mark! I know this isn’t record shattering numbers or anything. But you know what? It’s cool to me. I still don’t know what folks still find so appealing about this mix. It’s definitely not one of finest pieces of work but whatever, it’s making people around the world happy. That makes me happy too. Because of that, I’ll continue to bring the NuDisco, Funk, and Soul to the folks that want to listen and truly get down.

Seems like the folks in Germany and Brazil are catching up to the United States as far as plays go. London is coming in strong with the most plays of any city, followed by São Paulo, Brazil.  Tokyo is also on that list. Charleston of course, isn’t even in the Top 50. Come on home town folks get with the program! It’s okay, Charleston is just now starting to appreciate the real disco and house music. I know they’re a little behind but you can’t hate on them too much. In fact, I love you Charleston, sometimes just a little too much.


Listen to Bedroom Sessions vol. 8 on SoundCloud.

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