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Okay, got the posts caught up. In this episode I start off by talking about the tragedy that struck Paris. My heart and prayers go out to everyone who experienced it and are affected by it. There was no reason for such a senseless act and there’s no reason that any religious beliefs should encourage people to take someone else’s life. Our lives on this planet are just a fleeting moment when compared to so many other things in the universe that to take someone’s life for no reason except to please a “God” or for whatever perceived selfish gain is simply heinous.



Adventures of Commander Cool Hand
Episode 56 – Disco Is My Religion
Host: Cool Hand J
Broadcast: theFix.FM
Broadcast date: 11-19-15
Mixed By: Cool Hand J
Cover Art By: Jason D.



1. KNG Edits – So Right
2. Dino Soccio – West Athena Funk
3. MARS – Sleazy Girl
4. Buzz Compass – Chief Inspector
5. Mr. Given Raw – Get On Up Girls
6. The Silver Rider – The Walk
7. 80’s Child – Your Turn
8. Chuggin’ Edits – Stretchin’ Out
9. Dr. Packer – Overtime
10. Shit Hot Soundsystem – (I Wanna) Destiny
11. Alien Disco Sugar – Boogie Body
12. RobJamWeb – Do It Like You Do
13. FabioLous Barker – Pow Pow Pow
14. Rayko – Magic Number
15. Florent F & Yo-One Sutter – Cocomotion 79
16. Lux Experience – Luv Inception
17. Shit Hot Soundsystem – Dye Nasty
18. Old Spice – Pieniadze


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